Friday, June 24, 2011

Charleston, My Dear

This morning, I decided to swim since I have a triathlon in 4 weeks and I can't go more than 25 m without resting. Then I thought, hey, let me throw in a little bike/run combo just to see what it looks like to do all three. My workout looked like this:

600 m swim - 30 minutes - lots of stopping and breathing
*the good news is that I'm getting better each time I get in the pool. I feel like if I can just get in the pool at least twice a week before the tri, I'll be okay. 

20 minute bike - 1. it was the gym bike which I put on a level 10 and it still wasn't hard 2. 20 minutes was only half the time I needed to ride for it to equate the tri ride. 
*but the point of this was to see what it's like to ride after being wiped out in the pool. I mean, the pool really wipes me out

5 minute run - yes, it was weak. but I ran out of time. 
*the good news, it was easy to run. I had NO issues in the 5 minutes I was on there. In fact, it felt pretty good which running on the treadmill usually doesn't

So I'm thinking I'm going to okay for this tri. if I can make it through the swim, I should be good to go. 


My hubby & I arrived in Charleston around 5:30. Our hotel is nice and it's right across from the cupcake shop!! We ate at a little hole in the wall sushi restaurant. We were hoping it'd be good, but it was just okay. The we walked down to the battery which is gorgeous. I'm taking LOTS of pics, trying to use different settings and see if I can improve my photography skills, so more pics to come. 

We got some Belgian Gelato (no where as good as italian) and sat on the pier. It was a nice beginning to our anniversary weekend!!

This pic isn't great, but we took it like, 10 times, and James said this was it... 

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