Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Funday

This week's training is going better than last week, in that, I have actually worked out every day this week and have 2 of my 3 runs down... BAM

Monday: I slept in and missed the group run so ran on the treadmill... already talked about this

Tuesday: Holly Di Giovine's badass boot camp - i don't know what we did... lots of stuff that made me sweat and made me sore

Wednesday: Morning intervals. This week, the training plan called for 5-6 sets of 2 minute intervals. I averaged an 8 minute mile pace per interval - Covered about 3.5 miles total

Tonight, I'm going to do a tabata workout
tomorrow: swim & maybe bike
saturday: long run - 50-65 minutes total, record my distance, pace
sunday: the day of rest

After this, I will officially be done with week 2 of marathon training - I love a training program...


So, as you all know, I am a part of a running group called Go Run. I love all of the people that I've met in the this group and it's so fun being a part of it. One of Go Run's success stories is Justin and Marta Callies. Justin started in the program and quickly gained speed. He just completed a 5k in 25 minutes (I can't remember the exact time)... So proud of him!!! Marta is heading up our Go Walk program and so far, it seems pretty successful. I wanted to interview them so you can get to know them a little better. And their doggy, Lucy.

1) How did y'all meet?

JC: I had a job at Hobby Lobby during my undergraduate career at Iowa State University.  While transferred to a different store for the summer I met a weird lady from the framing department who just wouldn't leave me alone!  I couldn't believe how persistent (annoying) this girl was.  At one point she even had the gall to put her number in my cell phone without me knowing!  One thing lead to another and I eventually caved and started hanging out with Marta and eventually she wore down my mean facade (over the course of about a year).  We started dating... and then living together... and before I knew it I decided that this woman was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with!  The rest is history.

MC: We met while both working at Hobby Lobby. I was a framer in the Frame shop and Justin was a cashier/stock boy. There was another guy that worked there named Jason... so as you can imagine... it was very confusing and I probably called him Jason for the first couple of months that I knew him. But regardless of what I called him, I had a big crush on him! A couple of months after knowing him, I broke up with my boyfriend. Justin ("Jason") was a very interesting person. Unfortunately, for me... Justin didn't really care about giving me the time of day... We shared a locker in the break room, it was the end of Christmas break and we were both going back to school. So I decided that now was my chance... so I waited until I was on break and I put my phone number in his phone... A couple of days later, we were both on break together and he decides it'll be most embarrassing to call me while sitting there staring at me...

2) What brought you to Greenville, SC??
JC: I wanted to go into the automotive/motorsports industry after college but there was not much opportunity in that field in the middle of Iowa.  I applied to a couple of graduate programs and a few months later I visited a small, relatively unknown program through Clemson University based out of Greenville, SC.  After touring the facility and a trip to Falls Park I knew that Greenville was the place for me and I began school the following Fall.

MC: Justin had already been attending school at ICAR for his Masters/PhD for a full year before we got married. That whole year, I was still at Iowa State and working frantically on finding a job in the Greenville area. By the time I graduated, I still hadn't found anything very concrete, but I planned on "beating the streets" after I moved. I graduated on May 8th, we got married on May 16th, moved to Greenville on May 18th, and started my job on June 7th.

3) Marta, what did you study and what do you do?

MC: I graduated from Iowa State with a BFA in Interior Design. I am lucky to be working as an Interior Designer at MCA Architecture in Greenville.

4) Tell me about your dog, Lucy. (pics would be great)

MC: After getting settled in our apartment and sort of getting used to living with each other again, we decided it would be a good time to start looking for a dog. I have had dogs my whole life and it was very hard to then not have one around while in school. We knew we wanted to go through a rescue and were looking specifically at Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. It is a rare breed of retriever that has red hair, a smaller body than that of a Golden and a very energetic personality. We found a 6-month old male at a rescue in Wilmington, NC named Captain. He had been returned after a couple of weeks with a family because he didn't like being left alone and didn't like the husband! After learning more about him, we decided he wasn't the right dog for us. Another dog at that rescue though seemed like a good fit. "Suzy" was a 2 year old Golden Retriever-Redbone Coonhound Mix with Heartworm. We learned later that she has had a litter of puppies when she was about a year old and had spent some time as a stray before being picked up by the rescue. To get a dog from most rescues, you have to go through a screening process, to make sure the dog will be left in good hands. We filled out an application, they checked three references, we had to have a home visit, and somehow we passed! We fell in love with her and after all of her heartworm treatments were done we were able to pick her up from her foster parents. We had never met her before bringing her home, so we were kind of worried that she'd have some problems that we couldn't deal with or something like that. But luckily, we ended up with the best behaved, most content, most loving dog you could find. We renamed her Lucy because of her red hair, after Lucille Ball. She fit into our life almost immediately, and minus her fear of phones, thunderstorms, and talking greeting cards, she doesn't have too many issues!

5) How did you get involved with Go Run (formerly known as iRun)?

JC: After Marta moved to SC and started her job a coworker told her about Holly DiGiovine's iRun program.  I emailed Holly the next day as I was about sick and tired of doing long runs alone on a treadmill.  After the first Wednesday AM workout I was hooked and I have never looked back.

MC: We got involved with Go Run/iRun because a woman in my office had wanted to start running with her husband and found the iRun website with the training schedule. They trained on their own, but she told me about the group and we started going regularly.

6) Why did you want to start running?
JC: I was involved with the ROTC program at ISU for a few years and got a taste of running as  away to improve my general fitness.  After moving halfway across the country I no longer had a large group of people to run with so I started running on a treadmill.  It was partially to improve fitness and partially to lose a few pounds for my upcoming wedding.  I was following a running program I had found online and before long I was running 7 or 8 miles on a treadmill (YUCK!!!).

MC: Justin has always enjoyed running, but maybe hasn't always had the support that he needed to make it consistent. I haven't ever really enjoyed running, but being new in town I joined the group to meet new people and to try to support Justin with his hobby.

7) What have you liked about it?

JC: Getting up at 5AM to go run for three miles sounds like torture but I have found that it is actually an AWESOME way to start my day.  I get to run with a group of people I enjoy and get my workout knocked out first thing in the morning.  It has also, as an added bonus, helped me maintain a more healthy weight as well as little things like climb a flight of stairs without getting winded.

MC: I like the energy that the group creates. It has never mattered how "fit" you are or fast you can run, it's about getting out there and trying your best. It's about meeting your own goals, not the goals of someone else.

8) Marta, tell us about the Go Walk program:

MC: I wanted to start the Go Walk program in conjunction with the Go Run program for all of the people that either don't like running, can't run (due to injury, etc), those who are still intimidated by running or people who just want to walk with a group of people. As I mentioned, I've never really enjoyed running, I'll run if someone is chasing me, but other than that, I'm perfectly content just taking in the scenery.

9) Any special races coming up?

JC: Yep, I am currently beginning my training for my first half marathon!  Under 20 weeks to go!

MC: I think that the Spinx is the next big race that we're going to attempt. Justin will be running his first half marathon during the Spinx! So I'm looking forward to cheering him on for that!!!

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