Monday, July 11, 2011

Maybe it'll work this time

So, yesterday, I tried to post about my long run and it wouldn't save or publish. I don't know what happened but I was upset when I tried to publish my post and IT WOULD NOT. I think it might've been our internet or maybe blogger, I have no idea. So, here I go again...

Yesterday, I ran 8.24 miles in a terrible time, something like 1:38 or something, but here's what my training plan called for:
first 2 miles, half marathon pace
4 miles, run 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes
last 2 miles, half marathon pace

my half marathon pace is run 4/walk 1 so that's what I did. I didn't feel like carrying a water bottle, so I did a 5 mile loop, went up to my porch, drank some water and ate a GU, which turned into a longer break because my hubby wanted to talk to me.

I felt bad that it took me so long but what I loved was that it felt so good! My half marathon pace if I just ran without the run/walk would probably be about a 10 minute mile, maybe a 10:20. The issue is that I HATE running that slow. My body feels most comfortable running at a 9 minute mile, but I can't hold that pace for 8 miles, much less 13 or 26.2 which is what I'm training for, so since the training plan called for run 2/walk 2, I was excited because that meant I could run fast!! It felt so good and I remembered why I love running. I felt strong, it felt good to be sweating, I felt happy, I LOVED IT!! At one point, i was rounding the corner, singing Black Eyed Peas out loud and dancing with my arms. I realized that I had to reel it back in before someone saw me and I thought I was completely psycho.

I think my play list helped too because I just put it on random and it included Bob Seger, Chicago, Black Eyed Peas, Amy Winehouse, Beastie Boys and Stone Temple Pilots. That seems like a weird mix... I guess it kind of is...

The other thing, I am participating in the FITABS challenge and missed my day yesterday. I realized that this morning so I guess my rest day for the week is over... whoops. Otherwise, I have done 700 since we started. WooHoo!

Lastly, I have a triathlon this weekend. It will be my first. I have not been in a pool since the last wednesday in June. I have not been on my bike since the beginning of June... whoopsy... But, I signed up for the back and I think there are going to be a lot of old women, so I'm like, eh, i'm sure i'll be fine. At least I'll have the run down :)

So, speaking of all of that, my training for the week will be as follows:

Monday: Speedwork: 10 x 30 second hill repeats, 6 x 60 second repeats on flat ground with 1 minute recovery
*p.s. speed work is my fav, i'll talk about it later

Tuesday: swim. My friend Holly recommended and that site has a learn how to swim 5 month program so I'm starting that in order to become a better swimmer. They've got all kinds of stuff on there so it seems pretty cool! I will also try to do strength as well, either after the swim or at lunch

Wednesday: 6 x 3 minute repeats

Thursday: spin class

Friday: swim, yoga

saturday rest

sunday: TRIATHLON!!!!! 250 m swim, 10 mile bike and 2.5 mile run

It should be easy, I'm just not going to be placing or anything. I need to learn to swim. But what I will say is that when we practiced the swim/run workout, I LOVED IT. So I hope I can train and do a longer sprint one day!!

What does your training look like this week?
Have you ever done a triathlon??


  1. I'm going to check out that swimming program on beginner triathlete. I think I want to learn how to swim! But nope, never done a tri! Don't have a bike and don't really know how to swim (beyond splashing around and the backstroke!)

  2. They've got a bunch of things on there and you can join chat groups where you can ask questions too. They've got great swimming videos and all kinds of stuff! Today was my first day doing the first swim lesson and it was awesome. If you can join an adult swim group or something, that might help too!