Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yoga pose wednesday..... NOT

it's actually:

courtesy of our friend over at Little Miss Daisy

This is my favorite blog right now. She is funny, she talks about working out but it's totally unique. Some blogs (like mine) just list out blah blah, this is what i did, but she tells it in a funny way. She likes to post celebrity pics although Hugh Grant made me feel guilty about liking celebrities this morning on the Today show (did anyone else see it). Somehow, I got off topic... what I'm saying, her blog is awesome and I look forward to reading it daily.

*pic from their website

It's delicious. I mean, I have been eating it like, 2-3 times per day. I do not know if that is good. I did read an article where it says we need 3 servings of whole grains and more fiber than most of us take in, so i'm assuming that means chocolate granola, right?

*image from PRweb

I honestly have been drinking these for a long time BUT i've never mentioned them because I kind of took them for granted. I get them at Whole Foods but this time, they were all out. So I grabbed one of those gatorade prime drinks. I usually meet my running group at 5:30 am mondays and wednesdays and I don't like to eat before I run but need the energy, so I just drink one of these and run and it's pretty good. This morning, i drank my gatorade thing and I was RAVISHING hungry at 6 am. Like, thought i was going to die hungry. i think it's because it was all sugar/calories and orgain has protein, but not the protein that makes you poop, just enough protein to keep you full longer than just straight up sugar. So, now that I realize how well they do before a run, I'm never taking them for granted again. I love them. love. them.

Since i'm new to swim/bike/run, I was wondering how exactly one would train for a triathlon, especially swim, and I've blogged about this before, but I LOVE the swim workouts it's given for the learn to swim program. I did the first one and it was perfect for me. It was challenging enough that I wasn't wearing swimmies and learning to doggy paddle, but it didn't start in straight up ironman mode so I was actually able to do it. If you're not a beginner, I dont know. If you are, I recommend this site.

This kind of seems like an advertisement today, but I just like reading about others' recommendations because i've learned about some new things that I never would've known about without blogs... so there we go! 

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