Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Posty Posty Posty Post, oh and I swam finally

I don't really know what to blog about today. Oh yeah, more training... super exciting.

Have any of you ever worked ou with your husband? I love my husband, he's hilarious. He always seems to make me laugh, even when I try to get mad. But if it's 91 degrees and humidity is 80%, i don't like to run. And when I am running, I don't want to talk, be touched or laugh. Especially by my hubby who never runs but is magically way faster than me, who seems to run easily around me as I attempt speedwork on a hill behind our house.

My workout was:
10 sets of 30 second hill repeats. The alley behind our house is a BIG STEEP HILL, so that's where we started. And it was friggin' hot. Like for realz... HOT... So I suffered through that, thought i was going to die and yelled at my husband several times for smacking my butt.

6 sets of 60 second repeats on flat ground. Repeat everything above. I did get a, "you're mean" from my hubby and I think maybe, a "chill out" and then not a vocal, but a look that said, "you're crazy" and "you're being ridiculous". I did tell him that I read in the Runner's World article about heat that if you're irritable, it's a sign your body is in distress and he said that my body must be in distress every day. NOT NICE!!

So, I decided that it would be best for our marriage that I train by myself today, plus he does not get up before 6:30 am, so I went to the pool, solo, this morning. I ran into my friend, Justina, so I was super excited. She helped me learn how to do pull drills because since I'm blond without actually being blond, I had the buoys turned the wrong way. So, after fixing it, I was excited. So, as I've mentioned on here before, I went to Beginner Triathlete, and printed out their learn to swim 5 month program. But I forgot it, the blond thing again, and I tried to do it by memory.

Here's what the plan called for:

100 meter swim, rest 60 seconds
6 x 25 (2 kick, 2 pull, 2 swim) rest 30 seconds after each 25 m
100 m swim, rest 60 seconds
6x25 (same as above)
100 m swim

This is what I did:
100 meter swim, rested for however long I wanted
2 kick, 2 pull, 2 swim
4 kick, 4 pull, 4 swim
100 m swim

I mean... that doesn't even look remotely close to what I was supposed to do. Nice memory buddy.

Lastly, last night, I got lost. On a major street... in my hometown, going to a place I've been to several times. Yes. That. Is. Me.

I had to call my husband for directions. Bless his heart <- proof that I am southern ;)

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  1. This post made me laugh/miss you Wendi! First of all, there is nothing wrong with a few blond moments, trust me lol...but that is awesome that your training is going well, I did a swim workout in my apartment pool the other day and I am going to try swimming more since I haven't joined a gym yet (I even bought some pink goggles at Dicks lol)...come visit meeee! :)