Thursday, August 4, 2011


I'm not trying to ignore everyone here... I just haven't had anything special to post.

Right now, i feel like this...


I feel stressed about work, training, my running group, my diet, money, etc etc etc etc etc...

So that's where I am and I think because of that, I haven't had any fun ideas about blogging. Sorry guys :(

My training this week so far has been this:

Monday: 7 hill repeats - 60 seconds with a warm up mile and a cool down walk

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 4 x 3 minutes repeats with a 3 minute recovery
4 x 1 minute repeats with a 2 minute recovery

warm up and cool down mile

I also have done most of my fitabs stuff. Today I have to do 250 and I'm done with my 3000

Woot woot.

I hope I have something fun for you tomorrow. 

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