Monday, August 1, 2011

Welp, just so I won't be the only one...

Every blog I am reading it talking about it being the beginning of August. So I wanted to make sure I wasn't being left out...

One thing I have been thinking about is the idea of setting an intention. In Yoga, you always set an intention for your practice. Actually, Holly, always talks about setting an intention for each workout, each race, etc. So I thought I would set an intention for August but I am going to do it by category.

Food: My intention is to eat intuitively, try not to eat too many sweets, especially ice cream, and try to eat as clean as possible without creating a crazy, stressful plan that I can't follow and will make me feel guilty. I think the week in Atlanta through me off a little and I can definitely tell now.

Working Out: To use that time to be with myself. No music, no groups, no distractions. Obviously I lead the wednesday morning group, so I'll be a part of that but my monday runs and long runs are going to be solo. I try to meditate every morning, but it's hard to do when I get up at 5 am to workout, get done at 6:30 and then have to get ready for work. I usually get in about 5 minutes per day but since I use that time to seek and ask questions, 5 minutes really isn't enough. So since I have the opportunity to train solo, that's what I'm going to do. And I think I'm going to enjoy it. Yesterday, I ran on the treadmill and watched the Braves game but used no music and it was awesome and peaceful. I LOVE running without music.

Money: I need to reel it in. I am having a hard time finding a balance between not being too rigid with money, but also not being responsible. If we have the idea that money is scarce, then money will be scarce, no matter if it really is. If we have the thought of abundance, then we will live a life of abundance. That does not translate to spend money, we'll have money, but what I'm saying is, if I'm grateful for what I have and know that it's enough, I won't always worry about getting/making more. I'll talk more on this another time. Either way, I am going to really try to make an effort to not spend money unless it seems to be necessary. I won't define that for know, but just try to be conscious when spending

Work: to give it all I have without fear of the future. I have been so overwhelmed at work and I feel like I'm not getting anywhere with it. I am in sales, and all commission too!!, which can sometimes be scary, but I've done well so far this year and I'm not going to worry about it (see above). So, I'll just go to work and give it my all and not worry about the rest. When I do that, everything seems to fall into place. It's when I stress out about performing that I under perform. It's that whole self-fulfilling prophecy thing

schedule: my intention is to reduce things I am doing during the week so that I can spend more time with my husband and get the appropriate amount of rest I need. I tend to go go go go go until I'm so tired I can't take anymore. So, I'm trying to workout in the mornings to leave my evenings free and then NOT scheduling anything in the evenings. This week is not going so well though because I have something every night... so note to self

relationships/spiritual: whatever you want to call it. Probably a lot of what i've said above can be put in this category. Take time for myself/family, trust that I'm going to be okay and let go of the need to control, but the only other thing I want to add is to see the best in people instead of the worst. one of the posts today on one of my favorite blogs mentioned this today in their daily post. It's so easy to see where someone is flawed but me being flawed myself, how can I put expectations on others that I can't live up to myself? So this month, I want to focus on the good things about people and move on from the rest.

These aren't specific goals but just an intention I'd like to put out there and hope that I can remember daily

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