Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Weekend Happenings

So much has happened this weekend, I kinda want to blog about it all. It's been busy and full of training - maybe to make up for not doing crap this whole week.

First things first: the bike ride from hell

Elisa invited me to do this ride at Paris Mountain which is only about 16 mile. I thought, eh, I can do that. So we meet up at 6:45 and are on the road by 7. I got to drive my hubby's new truck which on one hand makes me feel guilty (i'm am vehemently against big gas guzzlers - although he uses it for work) but on the other, it was nice!!! I just stuck my bike in the back... BAM. Anywho, Elisa and i start up the mountain and I thought, well, this is a little difficult.. but I'm sure I'll be okay. And then we climbed, and climbed, and climbed. I looked down, I had only gone 2 miles. I wanted to scream. Then we climbed more... I was going about 4 miles an hour, no joke. It was wild. At one point I had to stop. Actually, I saw a pretty view and thought, oh, I'll stop to take this pic but really it was my out. Then I had to WALK - YES - WALK my bike up to meet Elisa. It was the last .10 of a mile and there was NO WAY I was climbing anymore. I honestly was queasy, thought I was going to puke, legs were shaking, felt dizzy, light headed... no no... bad times. But after the horrific 4 miles (um, yeah, 4 miles) it wasn't bad. A lot of it was downhill and then we rode through some neighborhoods to get back to the starting point. Turns out, it was 1300 feet in elevation change in 4 miles. Seriously. But I did get some good pics.

this was the view from Furman. If you've never been to this campus, you are missing out. It's beautiful

the first stop where i thought i was dying

At the top, going down

Elisa and I

we saw a group of turkeys.. what's the term? Gaggle, I dont know. but I couldn't get my camera out fast enough. This is all I could come up with.. see him?? 

After getting back, we ran a little over a mile in about 9:40, so I thought that was a success!

Then my hubby & I went shopping. We went to the Farmers market dowtown:

Thanks to my chiropractor, Dr Rob at The Joint, I got some clip in pedals. Then we went to On On Tri and got some shoes!! Woot Woot!!

this could be an accident waiting to happen but everyone keeps telling me it will change my life when it comes to cycling

I can't wait to take my bike, get the stuff put on and go on my next ride! I think I need to practice in some grass first though. Other exciting news, my husband is going to buy a used road bike (he only has a mountain bike right now) so hopefully we can ride together some. It would be a fun thing for us to do together. 

Today's training was intense but good. I needed to get in the pool AND I needed to get in a long run (well, semi-long) AND I needed to start my Fitabs because I have 1000 to do this week in order to stay on track and finish in 35 days. So my workout looked like this:

100 meter warm up swim

4x75 meters (25 m kick drills/50 m swim) with a 45 second rest in between each 75

4 x 75 meters (all pull drills) with a 30 second rest in between each 75

10 x 25 m swim fast and then rest 30 seconds between each 25

100 meter cool down swim

*I went to the pool Friday night and the swimming instructor at the life center, Corie, took time out to help me correct a few things on my breathing and teach me a couple of things to improve my endurance. He told me I was too advanced for the adult swim class (yes, I'm a natural) so those things might help and I can could possibly do private lessons in the future. My issue right now is breathing every third stroke as opposed to every other. I start to run out of breath and then I freak out because I can't breathe and then I either breathe in when my face is in the water (like a dumbass) or I panic and breathe a stroke early. Of COURSE, I have mental issues with swimming - my thinking ALWAYS screws me up. But I do think the more I swim, the better it'll get. 

THEN run:

I had to run 65 minutes this week (taper week) so I ran 4 minutes, walked 1 minute on the treadmill. I never train on the 'mill but it's hot outside here (98 with over 80% humidity) and I didn't feel like getting up at 5:30 so I just did it on a treadmill. 

first 35 minutes: 1% incline, 6.2 for 2 minutes, 6.3 for 2 minutes, then walk 1 minute
35-40: 1.5% incline - same speed interval
40-45: 2% incline - same speed interval
45-50: 1.5% incline - same speed interval
50-55: 1% incline - same speed interval

then cool down for the last 10 minutes and a 5 minute walk at the end

200 abs
25 full sit ups
25 toe touches with medicine ball
25 russian twist type things from Coach Ashley
25 leg kicks
1 minute plank on elbows
1 minute plank on hands
1 minute plank per side (as in 30 sec per side)
35 bicycles
35 I don't know what you call them - they're like the pilates 100 things

and stretch... I was in the gym for 2 hours but honestly, I enjoyed every single second of it. I wish I could just get paid to workout. I would do well in that job. 

So my training for the week should look like this:

Monday: speed work 5:30 am with Go Run group
Tuesday: Morning Swim - use beginner triathlete learn to swim training plan
Wednesday: Interval work with 5:30 Go Run group
Thursday: Morning Spin class
Friday: rest
Saturday: long run - second swim workout - I will be in Lake logan with my friend Lori who is competing in the Olympic Triathlon but maybe I'll do this when I get home. Could we see another long run on a treadmill - perhaps
Sunday: Bike ride assuming my bike is ready - I'm getting a tune up in addition to adding pedals

Finally, Go Run got our hats in and I'm excited. I hope people like them and we sell out!!

these also come in black

these also come in white

How was your weekend?


  1. Can anyone come to the 5:30 a.m. run and what is it like? What kind of people are involved?

  2. so I'm only going to be at the 5:30 am wed group now but they are still having the monday group. Anyone can come and depending on what day determines what it is. It is usually a combination of repeats, monday focuses on speed and wednesday focuses on tempo.

    This week, on wednesday, we'll be doing 5 sets of 4 minute runs with a 3-4 minute recovery. Your goal is to be at 75% of your maximum effort. You should be uncomfortable but still able to run for 4 full minutes.

    next monday, they will be doing 2 minute fast run with a 4 minute recovery jog - your exertion should be more like 85% of your max effort.

    It's a good group and it's a lot of fun. It's mainly helping me gain speed!