Friday, September 30, 2011

Football Friday & some other things...

Clemson plays Virginia Tech this weekend. I'm wondering who is going to win. What do you think? 


I'm going tigers!!!


I started making progress towards choosing the program to go to Africa. I started to apply to the Kenya Voluntary & Community Development Project, but I needed my passport number and didn't have it. I also emailed a group that does Yoga in Kenya, Africa Yoga Project, but never heard anything back. This morning, I applied for a program with Global Volunteer Network but instead of choosing Kenya, I chose Rwanda. This whole time, I've been thinking Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, but I remember the very first time I ever even thought about Africa, was in sociology class when we read the book Hotel Rwanda. I also made my husband watch that movie and that's the first time I realized how different Africa is from my world. The program is working in an orphanage and spending time with the children. The children are orphans either from the genocide that occurred between the Hutu's and the Tutsi's as well as parents that have died from Aids/HIV. The program is a little more expensive at $1500 but I think it'll be okay. 

You can read more about it here

Info on Rwanda

I don't know where I'll actually be in Rwanda

such a beautiful country

image #1 was from wikipedia (link is included above)
image #2 source
image #3 source

And just to reiterate the issues Rwanda has had in the past, when looking for pictures to put in this blog, I had to sift through images of dead bodies and militia with large machine guns. If you have not read or seen Hotel Rwanda, you need to. It happened and it was awful but no one recognizes it. 

So... have a good weekend!! Sorry I got a little sad but this is why I want to go help!!!

have you ever voluteered abroad before? 
have you ever been to Africa? 

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