Saturday, December 31, 2011

My First Project = Complete

If you've been reading my decor posts, you know I'm making pillows for the house. I finally completed all of the ones for the couch and the yoga room.

I have two like this which are different fabrics for each side. They took the longest because we had to 1) monogram them and 2) sew the zipper. These are the only ones we did like this. They are 20 inch pillows, sewed on 3 sides and a zipper being on the last side. 

These are the matching pillows for the couch. They are the same fabric on each side and have a fold over in the back. One is 16 x 16, one is 18 x 18 and one is 12 x 18. 

Placed on the couch. The flower fabric actually has a color guide, so I'm going to use that to pick the paint for the walls. I still have to paint the living room, finish decorating the mantle, choose artwork and the right side of the room will be done. I'll have to buy a chair, table and some type of desk for the other side. That will be the reading area. 

Pillows for the yoga room. This is all I have done in there. I have a LOT more to do. The backs gap a little but I think it has more to do with the pillow. I think as they flatten out, they'll be okay. 

I'm pretty excited about my new pillows. It took some time, but I think as I get better at sewing, it won't be as time consuming. The whole project only cost me about $60. 

Next on my list - curtains. I have already bought the fabric. 

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  1. awesome! The white flowery fabric looks similar to one my mom used for a valance. The background on hers is brown though. I wonder if they are from the same maker!

    Anyway, awesome work!