Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun Fact Friday

So now that I am into my full fledge fundraising, I am going to start


I don't know if I'll be able to do that every time because that was a lot. Anyways, on Fun Fact Friday, I'm going to start discussing why I'm going to Africa. I don't want everyone to think I'd just like to travel and have you pay for it, there is a specific reason for my trip. The main reason is I simply feel called to go there. Sometimes, when I talk about it, I cry, which I know is kind of crazy, but what I'm saying is that I feel a very special calling to go there and help and who knows why or where it will take me, but I feel like it's something I must do. The cost is fairly significant but I believe that if I do the right action, God will take care of the rest so I'm just trusting that it will all work out. 

So since this is the first FFF, let's start with some basic information about the trip and where I'm going. I have mentioned this before so I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I am going to Rwanda. 

The Organization - 

This is not a mission trip. My goal to go here is to specifically help the people of Africa and while there are plenty of mission trips that do that, I wanted the only focus to be providing my service to an established organization and help with what they need. 

Global Volunteer Network is an organization that matches the potential volunteer with the organization in need. The organization that I've been matched up with is Faith Victory Assocation. They are building a community centre outside of Kigali (just outside) that will include an orphanage, staff houses, a school, a medical centre, a vocational college, etc. It's even an eco-friendly village!!! 

I will be volunteering in the orphanage and from what I understand, it's mainly helping with playing with the kids, cooking food, cleaning etc. Here is an excerpt from the website - 

The after effects of the genocide led to thousands upon thousands of children becoming homeless. A high percentage of children have also lost their parents to HIV/Aids. It is estimated that approximately 150,000 people are living with AIDS in Rwanda, with 19,000 children under the age of 14. With this in mind we will build an Orphanage that will be different from others in Rwanda. There will be three 2 story Apartment Blocks each with four homes; these will accommodate 8 children and 2 caretakers – creating a family style environment. Each home will consist of 3 bedrooms, one bedroom for the careers with en suite facilities and two for the children with shared toilet & shower room, a sitting/dining room and a kitchen with store room. It’s our vision that every facility have solar energy provided, with rainwater harvesting during the wet season, this will be used in the gardens and homes on the project. Provision will be made for homes at ground level for children with Disabilities and those who have Special Needs.
We teach children to hope"

I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW EXCITED I AM TO BE HELPING IN THIS VILLAGE. It just feels so right and I am so happy GVN put me with these guys!! I am planning to book my flights next month, and then I need to research the vaccinations I need. Bleh! 

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