Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Gym Part II

Okay, so here are some pics. Remember that we still have to set it up and the garage is a mess, so this is just a beginning.

Here is our bench and rack plus our bar, dumbbells, etc. 

in the back, you can see our punching bag and part of our speed bag

that was my 1 rep max back squat - kind of weak compared to what I used to do!!! 

someone wanted to join us

he likes working out too

 Before I dive into this crossfit endurance training plan, I need to get an idea of my 1 rep max in different olympic lifts. Back in my crossfit days my 1RM were - 

Press - 105 lbs
Back Squat - 220 lbs
Deadlift - 265 lbs
Bench - 145 lbs

Today, I did the press and the back squat -

press - 95 with bad form, 90 with good form
BS - 145!! Oh how the mighty have fallen 

Just kidding. I don't mind. I really am going to take this time to build on good form and get stronger the right way. I think it's better to do excellent form, full range of motion with less weight, then the other and risk injury. 

One thing I am reminded of, I LOVE lifting weights. You can't really compete in it like running a 5k, but it's something I'm good at, I'm fairly strong for a girl, and something I can do where I don't feel like I'm constantly defeated. I love the feeling I get from running, but I'm constantly reminded how slow am I as a runner, how unnatural it is for me to do, and it can be a little defeating. So it's nice to be back doing something I like and trying to figure out how to combine it with running. 

Like I said, they don't have like, regional weight lifting competitions so it's not like I can use one of those to raise money. basically, the only thing I can do is run a race. So that's where we are. 

Crossfit Endurance, here I come. 


  1. That looks great! Can I move in?? Kidding kidding.

    I agree with you on weightlifting... It's awesome and I would have never thought I would say that!

  2. Crossfit games might be something for you to train for?