Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Own Yoga class

As part of our Yoga Teacher Training, we have to take 8 classes in between each Yoga training. Because of my grandfather's 80th birthday and a baby shower the week before, I have missed some of my weekend yoga classes. So I honestly have about 3 classes to make up in 2 days. Whoops! But our home practice does count, so I thought this morning might be a great time to give it a shot. No yoga download, no sheets, just a wing and a prayer.

I started out with Sun Salutation A - which is like, the most difficult sun sal to start with - silly on my part. Half way through, I was like - eh - why in the world did I choose this one, but I got in a good work out.

                                           image source - yoga is for everyone

It's a lot of Vinyasas - 

I added a few things - 

                                                              image source - yoga journal

with a twist

                                          image source - active

Side angle pose

                                                   image source - yoga journal


                                                                   image source - yoga journal

Then I did a few balance poses

Dancer's pose

                                                                                image source - yoga journal

Tree pose

                                                                    image source - yoga journal

Some ab work - and then of course, 


                                                                    image source - yoga journal

I've got a lot to learn about sequencing. The thing I love about Yoganize is that the classes there do not follow your typical sun sal flow blah blah class, which is what I did today. Sometimes, Karen incorporate Chi Gong, Pilates, etc. It takes time, so this is at least a start. It was good!! 

Tomorrow morning, I do think I'm going to do a yoga download class because the more guidance I can get, the more exposure I'll have to different sequencing. 

What do you think?? 

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