Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yoga what?

I have been loving all of the yoga pics I've been find on Pinterest. Here are some of my favs -

But every once in a while, I'll see something like this -

This is a no no. You do NOT turn your head in plow pose. Ever. no matter how advanced you think you are. DON'T. TURN. YOUR. HEAD. You can get seriously injured doing this. 

Your knee is the one place you avoid in Tree Pose. Foot on knee - no. NO foot on knee. Anywhere but the knee please. 

This isn't really incorrect form but doesn't really remind me of Yoga even though that's what it was entitled. Yeah, there's a little thing called Brahmacharya that seems to be a little counter intuitive to this pose. 

Just some observations from a new teacher point of view. I may learn something different in a year that changes my mind about any of these so who knows. That's what's kind of neat about life and yoga, my perspective always seems to be changing. 


  1. I love the picture "so pretty." I think it is a perfect example of how athletic and strong you need to be for yoga.

    1. that's my fav one too. I put that on my fb page because I love it so much