Thursday, March 22, 2012

Workout Day 2 - Stoix 8 Week Training

Temp - 63 and humid as all get out

Total miles - 3.06
Total Workout Time - 42 minutes (approximately)

Tempo Work -
Warm up - .75 miles at 10:30 pace
5 sets of 2:00 minute out and backs
Cool down - .50 mile walk

especially when you pay for it

I'm so used to just doing repeats, I thought - oh we're doing 2 minute repeats which is not what we were doing. Holly describes the out & back as:

"The objective is to control your pace on the way out and then return 2-5 seconds faster on the way back"

So if we ran out 2 minutes, then we should be back in around 1:50-1:55.
 I just figured out another mistake too because it says your return trip shouldn't be faster than 1:50 and OF COURSE, 3 of the 5 of mine were faster. I am really bad at reading instructions. Then it also says the recovery interval is 60 seconds and we took 120 seconds. 

SO - now that I have actually READ THE INSTRUCTIONS - maybe next time, I'll do them right. awesome.

Either way, at least I now know. I know this, I was straight up tired by the end.

Lap 1 - returned 1:50 - so I actually did that one right
Lap 2  - returned back in 1:47
Lap 3 - returned back in 1:48
Lap 4 - forgot we started later and stopped running at 1:30 so I returned in 1:11 but I don't what in the world
Lap 5 - returned in 1:49

So based on what I know now, today's workout was a disaster, but now I know.

Namaste y'all!


  1. Oh well, so the run was right on the description, but you were out there and running and next time it'll be better.

    If you ever look for company on runs, let me know... Sounds like we have similar paces going on.

    1. we definitely need to run together sometime!!!

  2. "humid as all get out" love it. Well, not the humidity, but the description :)