Friday, July 22, 2011

Fitabs Challenge

So I've been doing the Fitabs Challenge for 3 weeks now and I have yet to dedicate an entire blog to it. I really wasn't sure what to blog about today, so I thought now might be a good time to talk about abs.

I've had a few "challenges" when it comes to this "challenge" (haha - give me a courtesy laugh please).

1. Remembering to actually do it. The first week was easy because I was at the beach and I had nothing going on to distract me. I did 600 that first week, easy. I also followed the videos and did everything Coach Ashley did. The second week did not go so well. I forgot, had to make some up, it got crazy and I only did 500. Third week, I forgot the first 3 days. THen monday, I was like, crap. I have to make up 700 sit ups in 4 days so I had to do 175 per day. That was TOUGH. but I remembered. and I did them. BAM

2. Variety: after the first week, I stopped doing some of the recommended exercises. One thing that was awesome was my Nike Training Club bonus workout I earned. It ended up being focused on abs which was awesome because it was a 15 minute exercise video that gave me anywhere from 175-200 sit ups, woot woot!!

I did a lot of full sit ups, leg kicks, bicycles, russian twists, planks, etc on my own. I just didn't want to get stuck in the same ab rut because I don't think that's very beneficial. I had a hard time thinking of different exercises.

That was about it. I do feel like I'm getting stronger and the exercises feel like they're getting easier. Or what I should say is that I can do more reps because I start dying. I'm really glad that I'm participating in this because my weakest part is my core and honestly, a strong core helps avoid hip, back, knee injuries when running.

are you doing the fitabs challenge right now?
have you ever participated in a fitblog challenge before? 

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  1. great to see hard work and love seeing new exercises! the whole idea is to mix it up and learn new exercises :) thanks for participating!

    @Ashleysh22 from