Monday, July 18, 2011

RnR Training Week 5

Training for the week:

10 x 30 seconds with 1 minute recovery
4 x 60 seconds with 2 minute recovery
175 abs for the fitabs challenge

45 cross training - i'm choosing swimming - my learn to swim plan says
150 m warm up swim with 60 seconds rest
4 x 50 swim with 30 second rest between each 50
8 x 25 m with 30 second rest between each 25 m - count the # of strokes in lap 1 and try to take them down by 1 each lap (1-4, then repeat)
150 cool down swim
175 abs for fitabs challenge

1-2 minute hill repeats 4-6 times
175 abs for fitabs challenge

5:45 am spin class
1 mile run (to get used to brick)
175 abs for fitabs challenge

Friday: rest which may include yoga

Saturday: run 90-110 minutes


This morning, I did the monday workout with my Go Run group. We somehow got a week off, but they adjusted so we could be together. I'm such a freak show when it comes to a training plan but I will follow it religiously. I feel like, if someone who is highly qualifed in programming made a plan specifically for my level, I'm going to follow it without adjustments simply because what I know about running is about 1/100 of what the training plan knows. My hope one day is that I'll get certified to train and then, maybe I'll feel a little more confident.

The run went well minus the tired feeling towards the end. The warm up mile felt great and I wanted to run way faster than I needed to. The 30 second sprints felt great but the last one, I pooped out. Then the last 4 were a struggle. I normally don't feel like this but I'm guessing that it's probably a result of doing the triathlon yesterday.

What's amazing about that race was that when I was done, I was completely worn out. I went home and slept for a while. When I woke up, I laid on the couch some more until I finally had to go to the grocery store at 4 pm. I mean... no foot race has EVER put me down for the count like this did. I was completely EXHAUSTED. I'm guessing it was the swimming? I have no idea.

FITABS Challenge:

so just to keep you up to date... I was bad last week. I did 500 instead of 600 so I was already down 100 and then I missed friday, saturday and sunday. Whoops... so I divided 700 by 4 and came up with 175 per day. That's what I have to do. I'm going to die... not really... but it's not going to be fun

How do you feel about altering training plans?
Have you ever worked with someone directly and altered their plan?
Has a race ever put you out for the rest of the day? 

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