Saturday, July 23, 2011

Key Training Workout #2 - RnR Savannah Marathon Training

This morning was a key training session. Holly has 6 key training workouts during marathon training. These are weeks where we have long mileage in between tapers. Because our training plan is 20 weeks, we don't necessarily have to build mileage every single week, but actually get to build a strong base by tapering 2 weeks in between each "long run". The first training workout distance was 8 miles. That was 2 weeks ago. Today's workout was to run 90-110 minutes, record distance and pace.

source - Augusta Rd, Greenville, SC

That was my scenery which was pretty nice. The first 5 miles, my friend, Lori, ran with me. It was immediately hot and muggy. I think the temp was only like, 75 degrees, but the humidity being over 80%, it felt much hotter at 6:30 am. 

We ran through Cleveland park:

Falls Park:

source - yes, we did have to climb these steps

and downtown greenville

The first 4.5 miles went quickly and although our time wasn't great, I wanted to make sure I started out slow because I know - from reading millions of blogs - that my first marathon isn't about time but finishing. We ran 4 minutes, walked 1. Normally, when I do that, I like to run at a 9:00 pace for 4 and then walk. But today, I wanted to take it slow. I think there were times when we hit 9, but for the most part, teetered between 9:30-10:00 - which was my goal

After I sat with Lori to eat my Gu (actually it was those mountain gu thingys) and drank some water, I started out for my next 5. 5. I ran through neighborhoods and down augusta to get a different view and to avoid some of the hills. We are lucky in Greenville to be at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains so the views are beautiful... running sometimes is not... it's really really hilly. So I tried to go on flatter roads since the first 5 were pretty challenging. 

Things I noticed in this run:

1 - I felt strong, even towards the end. I was tired and my legs were sore, but I felt strong. 
2 - I could feel the ab work I've been doing for the fitabs challenge. They were part of the reason I felt so strong
3 - I did a good job keeping hydrated over the week because I did not carry water, I only drank it when I got home (after the first hour and then when i was done) and I was okay. 
4 - run 4, walk 1 is a goal of mine and I am going to train that way. But I have a feeling on race day that may be adjusted going into the last half of the race. 
5 - my legs felt fatigued. I had to incorporate 60 strides towards the end, but once I did, my body remembered good running form and automatically went there

I came home and immediately iced - I felt a twing in my right knee and some issues with a knot under my right butt (so weird) - and I ate some oatmeal

All in all, it was a good run. I definitely have a long way to go but the good news is, I have 15 weeks. I also definitely think I can do it!


  1. What a beautiful place to run!
    It's great that you felt strong even towards the end of your run :) You can definitely conquer your marathon goal, I look forward to following even more of your amazing training triumphs :)