Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Go Girl Sprint Triathlon Recap

Today was my first triathlon and it was awesome. The Life Center put this on with a local cycling store for women, Pedal Chic. It was an all women triathlon targeted to beginners who are new to multi sport racing. They held free training clinics, which I've discussed before. I felt like this one might be a good one to try (no pun intended... lol) since it was a short distance and since most participants were beginners.

oh lawd this pic... lol

250 m swim
10 mile bike
2.5 mile run

I arrived around 5:45 am because I want to set up early and warm up in the pool

After putting my stuff up, I went and got my timing chip and got marked. 

my iPhone camera was sucking at 6 am

The WHOLE time leading up to this race, i was freaking out about swimming. I knew that this was weak for me because 1. I've never really swam and 2. I didn't start training until about a month and a half ago. I was worried I'd be in everyone's way and it would be a hot mess. It didn't feel like a hot mess. I swam pretty slowly so I could make it 250 meters but it seemed to go so fast.

My time: 8:17 which was 108 out of 135

*eh, not so great but I mean, I have never swam so I didn't care, I was just glad I made it out without being too much in people's way

The bike felt good. I was passing people all over the place and I felt strong. I was averaging about 15-16 mph. I didn't know how that compared to others, but it felt good to be "in control" a little more. I felt a little more experienced on the bike.

My time: 35:14 - I actually placed 35th out of 135 on this so I was right in what I was feeling

Run: I thought this would be cake for me. In my head, I'm a runner - piece of cake. This is was I train in, I'm going to kill it. Welp.... everyone must've been a runner because I placed like, 50th in this. But my time was 22:50 which was like a 9 minute pace. What's amazing about that is that my legs were shot and I ran 2/walked 1. So even with all the walking, I was averaging a 9 minute mile... wow

So overall I finished 46th out of 135. I would say not to shabby but all of us were beginners. I think I was 4th in my age group so I felt pretty good about that. If I could've swam just a little bit faster, I think I could've placed. The 3rd place person was 107:52 and my time was 108:22

I absolutely LOVED doing this. As for my next one, i think I'd like to work on my swimming. I really really really enjoy swimming and I think if I train in the pool the way I train in my running, I can speed it up. I also am impressed with my bike and I think if I can actually train in that, maybe I can really do well on that portion.

All in all... I'm hooked


  1. Congratulations on completing your first triathlon! What a mountain to climb, you should feel so proud of yourself :)