Friday, March 30, 2012

Cooper River Bridge Run

Tomorrow, I'll be running the Cooper River Bridge Run - the largest race in the state. Who knows what my time will be but I'd be ecstatic at 60 minutes so we'll see.

Here are some pics from last year when my hair was straight up wild.

we made our own t shirts and they were awesome!

I seriously walked around Charleston with my hair like that - for real

I mean, I can't stop looking at it. WTF? 

okay, let's just move on now from the haircut

My friend Jeanne & Lori 

Mom & I & a better version of that haircut

This really is a fun run. It's mostly flat (my fav) with one major hill close to the beginning. 


I don't know these people but I mean, why not throw a Clemson flag in here, right? 

Namaste y'all!!

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  1. Good luck! You were making me laugh so hard about the hair. I can totally relate, my hair looks crazy after a windy run!