Monday, March 26, 2012

A Weekend in the Garden

I've gotten to the point in my life where I actually have to schedule time at home. If I don't, I'll end up committing myself to a million different things and I won't ever get anything done. So, this weekend was scheduled time at home to work on my house.

Projects to be tackled - the front yard & the yoga room closet

The more fun of the two happened most of the time, the garden. I'll do another post on the closet.

Because no one had lived in our house for a while before we bought it, and even the people living in it before didn't really do much to the yard, so I don't think it had been touched for at least 4 years. Azaleas were bunched up in the corner, a japanese maple was too close to the house, a crepe myrtle was in an odd location and there were some wild vines that had grown throughout the flower beds. So a lot of time was spent on clean up. Luckily, after the major mess was done, we were able to plant a new cherry tree, a butterfly bush, two hydrangeas, and two random bushes. We were able to salvage 4 azaleas, a hydrangea and some random bush. I also redid the flower boxes on the windows.

Before - the random bunch of azaleas 

After - a bright green bush, a hydrangea, a darker bush and a butterfly bush

Before - our oddly placed Japanese Maple

Stargazer lillies, hydrangeas, and a cute little frog

It pained us both to cut down the Japanese maple but there was not really a good way to salvage it. So sad. 

Before - randomness

After - just a few bush changes, but I think it makes a difference once you see it all together

Before - dead flower boxes

After - lots of color!

Before - not bad, but just kind of bland

After - salvaged azaleas

Before - bland

After - new life in an empty yard!

It will obviously get better as the bushes/tree grows, but I feel better already. Whew!


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